Expertise and previous experience

Suspension Bridge Main Cable Dehumidification 


Tendering, Procurement, Access Systems, and in the Field Training, Execution and Supervision

Having been a part of teams that have delivered dehumidification schemes on suspension bridges in the UK, Europe and North America, we are well placed to assist owners and contractors alike to facilitate successful application of the wrapping and sealing system, mechanical & electrical elements and control systems with specialist supply chain partners. 


  • Assistance to contractors during bid stage
  • Test rig training and trials supervision
  • Procurement
  • Access system selection and execution
  • M&E and controls integration and commissioning
  • Execution phase supervision and monitoring





Humber Bridge

Forth Road Bridge

M48 Severn Bridge

Alvsborg, Sweden

Great Belt Bridge, Denmark

Delaware Memorial Bridges - DE, USA

Angus L. Macdonald Bridge - Nova Scotia, Canada

Anthony Wayne Bridge - OH, USA


Main Cable Dehumidification


High and low level access solutions

High level access gantry  testing & commissioning

Package design interface management

Mechanical & electrical 

Control system integration

Implementation of cable wrapping system

Training and supervision


Forth Road Bridge - 2007

M48 Severn Bridge - 2008

Humber Bridge - 2010

Alvsborg, Sweden - 2011

Great Belt, Denmark - 2012/3

Delaware Memorial - 2017/18

Angus L. Macdonald - 2017/18

Anthony Wayne - 2018

High level cable access systems

Coordination of design, manufacture, testing, installation, commissioning and operation of complex main cable moving access systems

M&E, Controls & Plant Rooms

Supervision and coordination of design, manufacture, testing, installation and commissioning of the dehumidificaton system

Main cable air tight wrap application

Supervision, training and trials evaluation for the application of main cable dehumidification air tight wrapping and caulking

Test rig air pressure trials

Supervision and implementation of air pressure trials on a bespoke test rig, also used for wrap application training

Quality workmanship - essential

The correct application of an air tight wrapping system is essential to ensure a successful dehumidification system 

Injection & exhaust sleeve installation

Adequate trials, testing and careful quality control during installation are essential ingredients in ensuring effective air flow through the main cable

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