Various Tubewright Bridges



Common throughout the UK, these 1950's era standard sectional bridges are in need of examination and rehabilitation, to facilitate this we can provide supervision and management of external and internal inspection with on site service and reporting


Management and supervision of the on site service and report production - NDT of critical welds, structural section thickness checks, internal endoscope survey and video and assessment against historic Tubewright information 




Inspection and Reporting 

Internal endoscope survey, in-situ node point weld NDT, section thickness checks and production of report

Intrusive Internal Inspection

A surprising find - the immaculate condition of the internal steel on this particular Tubewright bridge demonstrates how much more life there potentially is in these old structures - refurbished they offer decades more service

Original Tubewright Information

Using original drawings and design information to compare survey data against is useful in allowing authorities to assess remaining life and inform future rehabilitation budgets

Tubewright Benefits

3 benefits to owners wishing to save their Tubewright Bridge - an easy sell to stakeholders

Carbon footprint - the lowest footprint comes from infrastructure that already exists; refurbishing and continued use offers huge carbon savings

Local tax payers - by refurbishing an existing bridge the cost savings against renewal are obvious

Heritage - as the Tubewright stock ages, they are becoming more of a heritage assett and need to be saved where possible 

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